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Restaurant Pikku Hukka

For the Love of Food and Herttoniemi

Restaurant Pikku Hukka is a bistro located in the friendly neighborhood of Herttoniemi, in Helsinki. With us, good food and good daily life go hand in hand. We aim to create enjoyable encounters and tasty memories for our customers.


Whether you're a regular Herttoniemi resident or a visitor from further afield, we welcome you for a lunch, to enjoy a leisurely afternoon or even to spend a pleasant evening with family or friends.


Lunch and Bistro

We serve lunch from Wednesday to Friday from 11-15. After lunch hours and on weekends you can enjoy our excellent Bistro Menu. You can find the English Bistro Menu further down on this page.


You can make a table reservation via the reservation form


If your party exceeds 10 people, please submit your reservation by email to


For table reservations for the current day, please call +358 50 518 5539.


If you have special dietary requirements or allergies, please mention them when making your reservation so that we can better prepare in advance.

Location & Contact Information


Kettutie 3

00800, Helsinki

+358 50 518 5539


Looking for a cozy space and a relaxed way to organize a party?


We are happy to help our clients with their important occasions and celebrations.
Pikku Hukka is available for a variety of private events, and you can also order Hukka's catering to create a feast at your own premises. You can contact us by email

The Bistro Menu

Winter’s vegetarian menu

(vegan by request)


Roasted Jerusalem artichoke and pickled pear


Butternut squash soup


Yellow beets, Barley with Beetroot and Fennel salad


Lingonberry-Caramel Pie

á la Antero


49 €




Pikku Hukka


Toast Skagen with iced Fennel


Veal escalope Wiener with mashed potatoes


Rosemary Crème Brûlée


49 €




What would Hanna have?


Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke and pickled Pear


Butternut squash soup


Veal à la Wallenberg


Rosemary Crème Brûlée


62 €

(With Cheese 67€)





Butternut Squash soup (L, G, vegan by request)  - 12 € / 17 €


Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke and pickled Pear (G, vegan)  -  12 €


Duck breast, Jerusalem artichoke and pear (L, G)  -  6 €


Snails gratinated with Gorgonzola and Garlic, House bread (L, G by request)  -  12 €



Pikku Hukka’s classic dishes


Shrimp Toast Skagen and iced fennel (L)  -  14 € / 19 €

  • main course served with poached egg


Veal escalope Wiener, mashed Potatoes (L, G by request) -  28 €



Classic of the Month


Veal à la Wallenberg, mashed Potatoes with Horseraddish, Browned Butter (L)  - 24 €


Main courses


Yellow beets, Barley with Beetroot and Fennel salad (L, vegan by request) - 20 €


Cod file sauteéd with Fennel, Spinach Risotto (L, G)  -  29 €


Beef Tenderloin Black & White, Fries Provençal and Haricot verts (L, G)  -  36 €


We also recommend


Season’s Salads and Vegetables, House Vinaigrette (vegan, G) - 6 €


House Bread (M)  -  5 €


French Fries and Aioli (M, G)  -  6 €




Piece of Cheese  -  5 €


Selection of three Cheeses  - 10 €




Rosemary Crème Brûlée (L, G)  - 9 ,50 €


Lingonberry-Caramel Pie á la Antero (vegan)   -  11 €

Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.

M = dairy-free, L = low-lactose, G = gluten- free

Suitable portions for children will be tailored upon request out of the ingredients available.

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